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  • Crystar: Pre-Launch Interview with Producer/Director Fuyuki Hayashi augustus 24, 2019
    At GDC 2019, the action RPG Crystar was announced with the catchphrase, "For When I Weep, Then I Am Strong." But how can weeping make you stronger? Crystar's Producer/Director Fuyuki Hayashi explains how that's possible in this game. Crystar will be released on August 27, 2019 for North America and August 30, 2019 for Europe.
    Mimi Saito
  • PlayStation Blogcast 341: Cologne in the Dark augustus 23, 2019
    Like the rushing waters of the majestic Rhine River, video game news flowed forth from Cologne, Germany this week thanks to Gamescom 2019. Dive in for updates on Death Stranding, Predator: Hunting Grounds, COD: Modern Warfare, and more. Stick around for a chat about gaming experiences we just didn't want to end.
    Tim Turi
  • The Drop: New PlayStation Games for August 27, 2019 augustus 23, 2019
    Welcome, Director. You've got your work cut out for you. Master supernatural powers, shape-shifting weapons, and unpredictable environments to uncover the secrets of the Oldest House in Remedy's gripping new adventure, Control, launching Tuesday on PS4. Supermassive Games' first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, hits PS4 on Friday, promising a branching […]
    Justin Massongill
  • Share of the Week – No Man’s Sky Beyond augustus 23, 2019
    Last week, we headed back to the stars for a new look at No Man’s Sky Beyond. You hopped from planet to planet and shared all the procedurally generated beauty of space using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights.
    Kristen Zitani
  • 11 Things We Learned About Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom augustus 23, 2019
    Midgar’s PS4 makeover is something to behold. Be it jaw-dropping vistas like the sprawling, towering cityscape reflected in a train platform window, or the small stuff, such as the bright yellow hazard tape marking out floored cabling in construction sites: the level of detail is stunning.
    Gillen McAllister
  • Girls Make Games: Demo Day 2019 Winner, Event Recap augustus 23, 2019
    Numbers don’t lie and if you look at the stats, about 46% of the U.S. gamer population is female. There are lots of reasons this misconception exists, but thankfully, there has been a shift in recent years, where more and more women have begun finding their voice and flourishing to prove this myth wrong.
    Laila Shabir
  • Decay of Logos Out August 27, Concept Art Gallery & Launch Trailer Now Live augustus 23, 2019
    At first, it was a prototype he experimented with at nights after work. But the more we saw, the more we realized that this was the game that we had to make. We knew it was risky, and we knew it would be a challenge - but we were ready to do the work.
    Ricardo Teixeira
  • 5 Ways Hookbots Aims to Save Couch Multiplayer augustus 22, 2019
    Just like the good old couch games, Hookbots rewards playing, not spending. The game offers you new content (skins, game modes, stages and more) not by the money you put in, but for the skills you and your friends shows playing face-to-face.
    Néstor Villalobos
  • Nioh 2: New Key Art Unleashes the Fiend Within augustus 22, 2019
    Hey folks! It’s Tom from Team Ninja to give you a quick update on Nioh 2. To kick things off, I’d like to share with you the latest key visual showcasing our new protagonist. As you may have been able to detect from the visual, our central character is a half-breed. He is part human […]
    Tom Lee
  • Mistover Brings Dangerous Dungeon Expeditions to PS4 in October augustus 22, 2019
    Hello! I’m James Han, producer for Mistover, the latest game from Krafton Game Union. We’re best known for PUBG and TERA, but we’re entering new territory with Mistover, which focuses on strategy and choice-driven dungeon dives. The gameplay is presented in an eye-catching visual art style and over-the-top premise with a large roster of classes […]
    James Han

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